In order for medical experts to examine the inside layer of the large intestine, they use the method called colonoscopy. A thin but flexible tube called colonoscope is inserted to the patient’s colon in order to create a closer examination. Colonoscopy is a procedure use to detect possibilities of cancer as well as bleedings, tumors and inflammation. The collection of tissues samples is also a part of the colonoscopy procedure. If there are abnormal and cancerous growths found during the colonoscopy procedure, the doctor may advise the patient to take the necessary actions again such medical problem.

The device usually measures 183 cm long and is a flexible and thin tube. A video camera is attached on the other end of the tube. A monitor is connected to the other end of the tube. The camera will be the one responsible for taking videos and images of the colon lining. These images would then be projected on the screen, where the doctor can easily make a careful and thorough observation. Aside from the colon, rectum and small intestine are other parts of the body where colonoscope can be used.

A patient who wants to take this procedure will be given a fixed schedule by the doctor. It is because the patients needs to clean their colon first and prepare for the actual test. 1 to 2 days is the time needed to clean the colon but it still depends on the doctor’s advice. The colon examination to be conducted by the doctor will definitely be easy if the patient will perform the required preparation. Moreover, a cleaner and sterile procedure will be performed if this is done.

One thing that people don’t know is that the preparation for the procedure is more horrible that the procedure itself. A special drinkable solution will be given to a patient to help clean and empty the colon. A patient will be having a hard time taking this solution because it tastes awful. Countless bathroom appointments will be made immediately after taking the solution. The reason for this is that solution would loosen bowel movement. A liquid diet should also be followed during the preparation period which makes it more uncomfortable.

The procedure of colonoscopy is a must for adults especially for those who are already at their 40’s When a person has a member in his or her family that is diagnosed in colon cancer, then this procedure is always a must. Taking risks and personal preference always matter in this prodecure. Therefore, consult the doctor for the most excellent choice.

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